Don't go crazy during isolation!

Keep your energy, attitude, and sanity UP by keeping your body moving!
Get free workouts sent to your inbox to do at home with no equipment necessary!

Don't go crazy during isolation!

Keep your energy, attitude, and sanity UP by keeping your body moving!
Get free workouts sent to your inbox to do at home with no equipment necessary!


Reach your weight loss goals, learn to love food  again, and  create  lasting weight loss results FOR GOOD


A lot of people want to have their dream body but aren't sure how to get it. I help you create the dream body you want in a healthy, balanced way with forever results!


My journey started as I approached 30. I was out of shape, low on energy, raising a special needs child and his big brother, moving around the country as an Army wife and completely at my wits end. Trust me, I know how it feels to be so discouraged.  

Thinking it would turn my life around and get me into a healthy lifestyle, I started competing in body building shows. I found myself in an unhealthy downward spiral into self loathing and a miserable relationship with diet and exercise. 

After 5 years of competing, and a divorce, I decided enough was ENOUGH. It was time to learn how to be HEALTHY both on the outside AND the inside.

And now, I help women just like you do the same! 

Weight loss is simple.

Stop playing the guessing game when it comes to your weight loss. Learn how to have your cake, and eat it too!

Show Me HOW


Workout in the comfort of your own home with fresh new workouts each week! You'll have access to instructional videos for each exercise. Little equipment necessary.

Custom Macros

Get your customized macronutrients calculated just for YOU! Learn how to incorporate them into your daily routine for an easy and flexible way to get your diet on track, and stay there for life!

Unlimited Support

You're not in this alone, friend. This process is simple, not easy. I'm here every step of the way to guide you, support you, and connect you with other women just like you! 

A journey of a thousand miles begins with the first step.

But maybe you don't have that far to go. Maybe you just want to fit into that dress for the wedding. Or you have a vacation coming up and want to look your best. Or maybe you're just ready to shed the old you and let that beautiful butterfly emerge!

Regardless of your reason, I want you to know right now without any doubt, you CAN do it. The only thing between you and your goal is time, effort and a vision of what can be.

Schedule a free call with me and let's have a real conversation about what's been holding you back, and how to push through to REAL RESULTS!

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Hear from the Fans  

Jenna helped build my confidence in the gym. I went from feeling confined to the cardio room, to being a strong woman amongst the weights! Do it! You will not regret it!

Sarah S


Sarah S


When I started with Jenna I was still pretty brand new to all things fitness. Working with her truly sparked my love for it. She is detailed and passionate and related to me on a real level which gave me the push I needed to work hard and get the results I wanted!

Anna S


Anna S


Jenna has shaped my life, figuratively, mentally and physically, in just 6 months. I was so afraid of food because I had read so much. She simply broke it down for me and told me what (macros) my body needed and how I need to nurture it. I had always eaten healthy, but I never bought into “food is fuel” thing, until I did everything she told me, and she proved it! I also hate to work out, but after a few weeks of her coming over 2-3x a week, I saw and felt muscle definition and I fit into my clothes the way I wanted. The most impressive change, however is that my energy is better than I ever remember. I feel good, so I can do and achieve more.

Krystal N


Krystal N


Jenna is Amazing! Her knowledge of health and fitness is unremarkable. She helped me gain confidence and instilled her knowledge in me to be strong and successful. Her plan is easy to follow and she was always there if I had questions or just needed a cheerleader along the way. You cant go wrong with Jenna in your corner

Joy J


Joy J


I found Jenna thru a mutual friend and followed her for a few months before contacting her for a consult.  Jenna and I share a similar story of extreme behavior in our pasts.  I have a history of over training and under eating to only crash and under train and over eat.  I have tried for over 8 years to find the right trainer and balance in my life.  For the first time, in my health, nutrition and training history I have found balance.  I enjoy how effective and efficient my hour with Jenna is each time she comes as well as her realistic approach to food.  I was shocked by my results in 6 weeks because my scale was not moving as much as I liked.  It is proof the scale is not the only tool you should measure yourself with during any journey.  I look forward to my continued training with Jenna because I feel I have found a person and a program that is creating a lifestyle and not extreme and unrealistic.  Jenna is supportive and fun while being effective!

Jessica R


Jessica R


Ready to kick some butt, shed some fat and get fit for life?

Then you're ready to get JennaFit. The first step is the hardest. Let's have an honest, judgement free conversation about your weight loss roadblocks and how we can overcome them together.

Mind, Body, & Belly Fat

The JennaFit blog that takes you deeper into why you aren't losing weight.

Lose the weight, and keep it off for GOOD!



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